Crave the Wave

Coach: Sreekanth Pasumarthy     Contact Info:
Assistant Coach: n/a
Training Schedule: Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm   First day of training: 9/23/2015
Location: D39C Classroom C 219
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Intro, Rules and Competetion.

Hello all,

We kicked off on learning journey to learn about fundamental concept in physics,  about waves.

We will learn a lot about all things related to waves.

Hope you all will have fun in learning this, as much as I do sharing it with you.


For those of you wanting to know more about this competition, here’s some info on the rules and competition.



Welcome all to Crave the Wave!.

Week 1

Hello all,

Here’s a recap of what we did in the first week.

  • We got to know each other. Well few of us were not there but hopefully we will be full strength from next week!
  • We talked about what a wave is. Hey, we had some fun creating waves on the rope too!
  • We talked about classification of waves, (that’s a fancy word for types of waves). We can actually talk about waves in two different ways.
    • One way is based on if they need a medium to propogate or not.
    • Other way is based on how the disturbance/energy/pulse/vibration moves with respect to the direction of the wave.
    •  (Who remembers these names?, if not see the slides below).
  • We talked about some characteristics of the waves.
    • Amplitude, Wave Length, Crest, Trough
    • We will talk about more characteristics next week.
  • We shared some goofy stories to top it off. On how one of our team member used the microwave to heat and accidentally created a fire!.
  • Don’t forget the home work review last slide in the notes below.

Well see you all next time then.


Week 2

Hello all,

Here’s a recap of this week.

  • We did a brief review of wave basics.
  • We talked about few characteristics of wave.
    • Amplitude, Frequency, Period and Velocity
    • We had some fun watching video to understand frequency and period.
  • We solved some examples. Did some calculations to determine frequency, period, velocity of a wave.
  • There is some home work for next time. Please remember to review last slide in the notes below.

Next week, lets plan to spend 15-20 mins more in the class, I will check with your parents.

As we shall create a wave machine!


cheers then!


Week 3

Hello all,

Here’s a recap of this week.

  • We did a brief review of wave characteristics.
    • Talked about Amplitude and Energy. E α A2
  • We solved some more problems involving frequency, period, wavelength and velocity of a wave.
  • We explored what electromagnetic waves are
    • Talked about how electromagnetic waves move. (Vibrations in electric and magnetic fields)
    • We discussed the electromagnetic spectrum.
      • Different kinds of waves.
      • Frequencies/wavelengths.
      • Energy in different waves.
  • We spent some time creating The Wave machine!. And did few experiments to show our understanding of  waves, amplitudes, frequencies and speed.
  • There is some home work for next time. Please remember to review last slide in the notes below.


cheers then!


Week 4/5/6/7

Hello all,

  • Last few weeks we have been trying to do several re-reviews of earlier weeks to ensure all of us had time to soak in new concepts.
  • We had taken a quiz covering the Wk1-3, which BTW will be due on Wk8, looking forward to see all of you score more than 90% there.
  • We had introduced oursleves to few key definitions which help us describe and understand refraction.

While we did not completely go through the slide deck below, I have posted this to give you all an opportunity to review offlline.

cheers then!


Week 8/9

Hello all,

Here is a recap on few concepts we learned last few weeks.
 1) Refraction – We discussed what this is and saw several examples of refraction. Remember doing the experiment with the glass full of water and how the direction on arrow seem to switch auto-magically!. Go ahead amaze your siblings and parents and show them this magic. Double the fun if you are able to explain why refraction happens and how this magic works!!
 In case you wanted to remember once before you take a shot, here is a link to you tube video showing this and explaining.
2)We learned about several terms used to describe refraction. Incident Ray, Refracted ray, angle of incidence, angle of refraction, Index of refraction and critical angle. We learned two different forumulae for refractive index, one as ratio of speed of light to speed in medium, other as ratio of real depth to apparent depth.
3)Remember the simulation that helped us play around with different mediums and different angles of incidence?. Go ahead and experiment away…
Here’s the link again to the simulation. (More on this later in email)
4)We learned about Snell’s Law. How this related the index of refraction of two mediums, angle of incidence and angle of refraction.
 Go ahead wow your parents that you learned a little about trigonometry, and know what Sine of an angle is!. Also show them, how you can calculate Sine of a given angle using calculator. (And what the angle would be for a given value, using the Sine inverse operation of calculator).
5) Now for the fun part that I know all of you are very eager to do.. Home assignment for this week..  
* If you have not already done this, use the simulator as in link from topic 3) above, to experiment and find Critical angle for 1)top is air , bottom is diamond , 2) top is air, bottom is oil. (hope you remember how to do this, If not send me an email, and I will send out a note on how to do this..).
* Now using Snell’s law, With using a calculator, calculate the critical angle for the above two cases. (We have done this for air and water in our class if you remember, if you do not remember, check out the slides for Wk8-9 in our event page).

cheers then!



Week 10

Dear team,

 A very happy new year to all.
 We are into the new year and only one month away from the competetion.
 Here is a brief update on what we learnt this week.
1) We did a brief review of Refraction, found how to measure and calculate critical angle using Snell’s law.
2) We reviewed other wave phenomenon. Please review the slides posted in the event website.
  • Dispersion
  • Reflection
  • Diffraction
3) We took a shot at solving first few pages from an actual science olympiad event test for crave the wave.
If you have not done so already, each of you please start preparing your notes/cheat sheets for reviewing and taking to the competition. I have started a document which can help (attached to this email), you are welcome to use this as starting point. I will continue to refine and provide a final version one week before the competition.
We have few more topics to cover which we will discuss briefly next week.
I feel that if we can practice a little bit and are alert we have a good shot at doing well in this event. Each of you is capable of scoring very well when giving their best focused effort.
And we will focus on test and practice going forward, with the limited number of tests that we have available.