Crime Busters

Coach: Quyen Do     Contact Info:     858-335-9588

Assistant Coach: Brandon Lansang, Qian Shi

Training Schedule: Monday 4:30-5:30pm      First Day of Training: 9/14/2015         No class on 9/28, 11/23, 12/21 & 12/28

Location: C 210 Makery

Student Roster

Crime Busters Rule

Introduction to Crime Busters

Hi Parents and Students,

Welcome to Crime Busters Science Olympiad event! I am excited to have this opportunity to teach and to train your children on some simple laboratory skills as a chemist and a forensic detective this year! Students will have some hands on activities to determine solubility and reactivities of some household reagents, polymer, fiber, metal and plastic. As well as analytical skills to determine unknown evidences that FBI agents use to identify a crime suspect. With the materials that students will be used, it is very important that we all need to follow safety rules during training and especially at the competition. Please review the Do’s and Don’t Safety Rules slides as we will have a mini quiz on the upcoming Monday prior to our training.

This event has 22 students attending. By mid-end November, only students selected for competition and backup will attend the remaining of the event.  My criteria will be attendance, scores on quizzes and behaviors during training. Please let me know if you have any question.

Best Regards,

Quyen Do


Session 1 (9/14/2015): Session 1

Session 2 (9/21/2015):Solid Analysis_Session 2 

Session 3 (10/5/2015): Solid Analysis_Session 3

Session 4 (10/12/2015): Mixed Solid Analysis_Session 4

Session 5 (10/19/2015): Liquid Analysis_Session 5

Session 6 (10/26/2015):  Metal Analysis_Session 6

Session 7 (11/2/2015): Polymers_Session 7

Session 8 (11/9/2015): :Polymers_Session 8

Session 9 (11/16/2015): Fibers Analysis

Session 10 (11/30/2015): Hairs Analysis

Session 11 (12/7/2015): Hair Analysis, Paper Chromatography & Fingerprints

Session 12 (12/14/2015): DNA, Spatters and Shoeprint Analysis

Session 13 (1/4/2016): Preparing for Competition Note


Session 4 (10/12/15): Hi Students: Great job today for coming to class with safety attires. There will be a quiz on next Monday 10/19 on Solid Qualitative Analysis and remember to turn in your homework: Conclusion Questions for Experiment # 1 and Experiment # 2.

Session 6 (10/26/15): Hi Students, Your homework for this week is to compare your data of the Liquid Analysis Experiment with the reference data (Session 5, Slide # 7). Then fill out a name of liquid in a gray box of the Liquid scheme. For the Metal Experiment Analysis, fill a name of metal in a gray box using your data from the Metal Analysis. Remember to turn in your homework at the next meeting. We will have 10 minutes Multiple choices quiz about Liquid and Metal Analysis on next Monday, Nov 2.

Session 9: (11/16/15): Hi Students, I am sorry for the delayed in uploading the slides for session 9 as I would like everyone to enjoy time with family during Thanksgivings Holiday. We will not have quiz on fibers tomorrow.