Mission Possible

Coach: Yun Deng      Contact Info: dengyun@gmail.com     858-829-9010

Assistant Coach: Kathy Hsiao, Yethan Tung

Training Schedule: Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm       First Day of Training: 9/15/2015

Location: C 210 Makery

Student Roster

Mission Possible Rule

Session 1 (9/15/2015)

Topics covered in this session:

  • Event Rule
  • Introduction to 6 types of simple machines
  • Demo of simple machines made of Lego parts

Session 2 (9/22/2015)

Topics covered in this session:

  • Introduction to building materials: bricks, lifearms, bushings, pins, alxes, wheels, etc..
  • Ways to connect parts: use pins with friction ridge, pins without friction ridge, special connectors, and axle + bush as a means of connection
  • Strategies to tackle the problem: “Minimum Viable Device”, which is a working device with the minimum components to complete both the Starting Task and the Final Task. More components will be added gradually and the goal is to maintain a competition-ready device at all times.
  • Students examined an example MVD.
  • Working in pairs, students brainstormed on the concept and the design of a MVD that can start with the dropping ball, activate just one simple machine, and strike the bell. Each team drew up their design on paper and gave a presentation in front of the whole class. After that, teams satisfied with their design started to build the devices with Lego parts.