Crime Busters

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Crime Busters page.  In this page we will document things the students need to know about this event and also share best practices about the competition.

Coach: Ilham Ahmed   Email:    Phone: 609-501-3324 (cell)

Co-Coach: Audrey Haddach   Email:   Phone: 858-204-6690

Assistant Coach: Brian Wang

Training Schedule: Every Friday 3:30-4:30pm   First day of training: 10/31/2014    Please note there will be no classes on the following holiday weeks 11/28 (Thanksgiving), 12/26 (Christmas), 01/02/2015 (New Year)

Location: C 210 Makery

Student Roster

 Session 2 & 3

We tested and learnt about the properties of 8 powders and solids by looking at shape & size, solubility, pH and other characteristics.  We have yet to test with Iodine and Hydrochloric acid (HCl).


Session 1 (10/31/2014)

The following is a Halloween video to kick off the session.  (Be warned its a little gruesome but good for Halloween).

And the slides to get the kids familiar with safety rules, an overview of the competition and the glossary to prepare them for next week.

View slides online here:

Download a PDF version of the slides here:

Thanks to the kids that attended.  If you were not able to attend, please review the above slides and make sure you know the safety rules.


Additional Materials:

Some additional information about Crime Busters can be found here on the Science Olympiad website  and more stuff on the the following wiki page.  While not exactly the same year to year, North Carolina has a good page on Crime Busters here.

Sample Cheat Sheet from Brian Wang:

Example Test 1: 

Example Test 2:

A YouTube playlist from another school: