We will be hosting information night on August 25th, 2017 from 6:30-7:30pm at D39C Showcase.  The presentation will give an overview of Science Olympiad, student registration process, meeting of our coaches including the Head Coach Committee and students.  We welcomes 5th – 8th graders to join our team.

We are still looking for more coaches. If you are thinking about coaching, please don’t hesitant to contact head coach committee and we will love to answer your questions and help you to make the decision. The events that we need more coaches are: Dynamic Planet, Hovercraft, Micro Mission, Mystery Architecture, Road Scholar, Roller Coaster, Solar System, Thermodynamics, and Wright Stuff.
All committed and prospective coaches are invited to a coach meeting on Friday 8/25 @7:30PM right after the information meeting. 

Please email Science Olympiad Head Coach Committee at so-headcoach@d39c.org if you are interested in coaching any of the events.  We will provide training CD/DVD.


Congratulation to Design 39 Campus Science Olympiad taking the 9th place of this year’s San Diego Regional Tournament. There were 118 teams and 36 schools across San Diego County participated.  Fantastic Job Everyone!!!

Our school made it to 9th place from 14th last year.  We are so close qualifying to compete at So. Cal State SO competition at Cal Tech.   With the dedication and spirit, I am sure D39C will make it next year!!   All of the students did an awesome job this year.

Thank you to all the parents/student volunteers and Hospitality Committee (Maria, Noori & Sandra) helped maintaining our school camp ran smoothly on competition day.  Parents, thank you to your support and encouragement to your student to participate Science Olympiad especially the last few weeks of crazy driving to additional practices.

Thank to Principal Erpelding attended the award ceremony and brought lots of energy to the team at the end of the day.

Thank you to our sponsors: The D39C Collaborative providing breakfast, Relation Edge providing pizza, Peet’s coffee and Royal India providing lunch to our team.  (They are all D39C parents!)

Most importantly,  thank you to our coaching team who spend lots of hours and dedication coaching the students. Without our coaches, it would not be possible to form the Science Olympiad team.  This is our first year we were able to participate all 23 events and awarded one of the top 10th school.  Thank you coaches for your dedication and the extra hours you put in to provide guidance to our students :

  • Parent Coaches:

Allen Hoong ,Anitha Anand ,Brenda Lau ,Brian Carlton ,Don Widjaja ,Huaiyu Sun ,Ilham Ahmed ,Jesus Chong ,Jinendra Ranka ,Julie-Anne Zimmer ,Kathy Hsiao ,Khoa Do ,Malathi Arumugam ,Manju Kuttuva ,Meng Zhang ,Mohanraj Umapathy ,Norman Tyrrell ,Padmaja Gadde ,Rui Zhang ,Sandra Matsumoto ,Shirley Tung ,Sonal Kalra ,Sreekanth Pasumarthy ,Vanaja Deevi ,Vineeta Arora ,Yun Bai

  • Student Coaches from Del Norte High School:

Amber Widjaja ,Anjail Ramesh ,Brandon Langsang ,Dani Chang ,Elisabeth Pegg ,Ellie Feng ,Joey Chang ,Kaushik Arunkumar ,Michelle Prasouvo ,Ruben Shakya ,Steven Liu ,Urmi Suresh ,Yethan Tung

Congratulation to the following students and coaches who took 15 awards this year.  See you again next year!
Event Place Team Student Coach Assistant Coach
Crime Busters
Kaela Abalos (8th grade)
Yun Bai
Ellie Feng (DNHS)
Alison Hale (8th grade) Meng Zhang
Crime Busters
Zahir Ahmed (8th grade)
Yun Bai
Ellie Feng (DNHS)
Jasper Hoong (8th grade) Meng Zhang
Disease Detectives
Jaden Lee (6th)
Sandra Matsumoto
Ian McKenna (8th)
Dynamic Planet
Jasper Hoong (8th grade)
Brenda Lau
Wan Lee Tan (7th grade)
Fast Facts
Iniyaa Mohanraj (7th grade)
Elizabeth Pegg (DNHS)
Malathi Arumugam
Sarika Pasumarthy (8th grade)
Crystal Widjaja (7th grade) Kathy Hsiao
Jesus Chong
Leo Zimmer (8th grade) Shirley Tung
Steven Castaneda (5th grade) Kathy Hsiao
Raiden Tung (6th grade) Shirley Tung
Cody O’Brien (7th grade)
Brandon Langsang (DNHS)
Steven Liu (DNHS)
Ruben Shakya (DNHS)
Bill Zhao (7th grade)
Zahir Ahmed (8th grade)
Jinendra Ranka
Rishi Carlton (8th grade)
Rocks & Minerals
Arjun Rao (5th grade)
Julieanne Zimmer
Vardaan Sinha (5th grade)
Riya Anand (6th grade)
Anitha Anand
Jesus Chong
Allyson Chong (7th grade)
Rubina Sheeraj (6th grade) Allen Hoong
Yethan Tung (DNHS)
Crystal Widjaja (7th grade) Shirley Tung
Leo Lyons (7th grade) Allen Hoong
Yethan Tung (DNHS)
Raiden Tung (6th grade) Shirley Tung
Wind Power
Rohan Juneja (5th grade)
Sreekanth Pasumarthy
Ashika Palacharla (6th grade)
Wind Power
Sean Lobanov (5th grade)
Sreekanth Pasumarthy
Safin Singh (5th grade)

Regional Team Roster is updated (last updated 12/14/2016 9:30am).    Please review and confirm if the information is correct.

Find your team by Last Name

If you cannot compete in the events you are selected, please let Head Coach Committee know by Friday 12/09 since we will need to send the team information to San Diego Regional Science Olympiad.


  • Event in BLUE color is confirmed with students who just added to compete with their teammate.
  • Event in RED color or “?” indicates the team is still looking for a teammate.


Events need students for each team:

*Note: (1) are the events with student looking for a partner


Athena Anatomy(1), Ecology(1)
Hades Ecology(1)
Hestia Road Scholar(1)
Zeus Disease Detectives(1), Invasive Species(1)


The vote came out and over 44% voted for ‘Greek Gods’ as our team theme this year.

Here is our team name – Athena, Hades, Hestia, Poseidon, Zeus

Students who suggested this team them are: Iniyaa, Nitya and Sarika

Congratulation to all winners of our 2016-17 Mini-Competition.


1st  –  Uma Atluri

2nd – Akhil Genneri

3rd – Riya Anand

Bottle Rocket

1st  –  Leo Zimmer

2nd – Mason Tsang

3rd – Kevin Do

Crime Busters

1st  –  Anna Feng

2nd – Rohan Juneja

3rd –  Zahir Ahmed

Disease Detectives

1st  –  Mason Tsang

2nd – Ian McKenna

3rd –  Akhil Genneri

Dynamic Planet

1st  –  Wan Lee Tan

2nd – Nathaniel Capule

3rd –  Jasper Hoong

3rd –  Pranav Parthasarathy


1st  – Rubina Sheeraj

2nd – Crystal Widjaja

3rd –  Uma Atluri

Experimental Design

1st  – Calissa Tyrrell

2nd – Malak Saad

3rd –  Jocelyn Zhang

Fast Facts

1st  – Iniyaa Mohanraj

2nd – Sarika Pasumarthy

3rd –  Mason Tsang

Food Science

1st  – Nitya Sharma

2nd – Zahir Ahmed

3rd – Fiona McKenna


1st  – Crystal Widjaja

2nd – Leo Zimmer

3rd –  Jasper Hoong


1st  – Uma Atluri

2nd – Vardaan Sinha

3rd –  Bill Zhao

Microbe Mission

1st  – Jasper Hoong

2nd – Calissa Tyrrell

3rd –  Leo Sun

Mission Possible

1st  – Sujaan Mukherjee

2nd – Jaden Lee

3rd –  Nitya Sharma


1st  – Zahir Ahmed

2nd – Kaela Abalos

3rd –  Abhijay Deevi

3rd –  Allyson Chong

Reach for the Stars

1st  – Zahir Ahmed

2nd – Kanush(Sona) Nishant

3rd –  Anisa Ahmed

Road Scholars

1st  – Rishi Carlton

2nd – Arjun Rao

3rd – Aarav Arora

Rocks & Minerals

1st  – Leo Zimmer

2nd – Wan Lee Tan

3rd –  Arjun Rao


1st  – Allyson Chong

2nd – Riya Anand

3rd –  Iniyaa Mohanraj


1st  – Raiden Tung

2nd – Rubina Sheeraj

3rd –  Crystal Widjaja

Wind Power

1st  – Leo Lyons

2nd – Rohan Juneja

3rd –  Sarika Pasumarthy

Wright Stuff

1st  – Jasper Hoong

2nd – Jaden Lee

2nd – Steven Castaneda

3rd –  Wan Lee Tan



1st  – Brandon Chong

2nd – Muhan Wei


1st – Aarav Arora

2nd – Iniyaa Mohanraj


This year San Diego Science Olympiad has a new set of documentation for each students and adults who will be attending the regional competition.  We need to have the forms on file.
For all students, please fill out the following three required forms in order to attend Regional Competition.
For Coaches, volunteers or parents who will be attending the Regional Competition, you will also need to turn in your form to me.  Please use the form below:
I would be really appreciated if you can bring your completed forms to the SO meeting on Thursday 12/1.
We will have a bin to collect the forms.
If you cannot make it to Thursday meeting, you can also turn in your forms to Welcome Center.
Thank you for all the hard works everyone put in the past few weeks.   Please plan on attending a small award ceremony on December 1st, 2016 (Thursday) 3:15-4:30pm at Showcase.  This will also be our D39C SO Team Meeting before our next one prior to Regional competition in February, 2017.    It is our honor that Prinicipal Erpelding is planning to attend this Thursday.
Please use this LINK to RSVP your attendance for this Thursday if you have not done so. This will help us to get an idea how many people we are expecting.
Here is the agenda for this Thursday 12/1:
  • 3:15-3:30pm Snacks in lunch area outside of Showcase
  • 3:30-4:30pm Regional Team Announcement,  Mini-Competition Results, Team Theme Announcement, Team Pictures
REMINDER: No drinks or food is allowed inside the building
Hope to see you all this Thursday!
** I am looking for a photographer who can help taking pictures during the ceremony.  
Please email us if you are able to volunteer.  
Team Theme/Name
Head Coach Committee selected the final 5 Team Themes/Names from all of your creative suggestion.
Now, we need your help to vote your favorite Theme/Name for this year Science Olympiad team .
Please submit your vote HERE if you have not done so by tomorrow  Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:59pm.  
We will announce the winning Theme/Names on our award ceremony on  Dec 1st, 2016 (Thursday)
**Please ONLY ONE vote per person