Coaching Tips

  1. Read through the event rules thoroughly with the students and understand the expectations of the event.
  2. Insist that each student keep a study notebook to organize and summarize their research and findings
  3. Challenge the students to look at issues and problems from unique perspectives or unconventional angles can help them explore their topic in greater depth.
  4. Coach/Volunteer is recommended to watch Growth Mind Set video.  This video will help you understand D39C belief that we can all learn anything!!
  5. Utilize any DVD/CD and  training resources on


Coaching the building event:

Review the Building Policy .  The underlying principles and intent of the Science Olympiad establish a mandated student performance.  Any project, device or assembly is to be constructed by a student or team of students.

Coaches for these events should help teach their students about tips and techniques for using tools and various materials.  Examples are measuring and marking material to be cut, center punching materials before drilling a hole, using a pilot hole for a screw, choosing the correct saw for the material, and shop safety.  The coach should demonstrate the skills on scrap material and then supervise the student’s practice attempts.  Finally, it will be the student who performs the task upon the actual project workpiece.

Other coaching helps might be teaching the students the basics energy and falling masses.  In each case the coach teaches and demonstrates skills to be learned by the student.  The coach does not dictate a design to the student and then use the student as a technician to build the adult’s design.

A careful questioning of the student can help overcome problems in a design.   In short, get the student thinking it a larger context.