Gym Practice Schedule PUSD SO teams

PUSD Gym time at Mesa Verde and Oak Valley has been reserved for Science Olympiad device testing for the 2016-17 school year.  See below for schedules.

Oak Valley schedule

Mesa Verde schedule

These are shared walk-in gym times open to all PUSD high school and middle school Science Olympiad teams.  Please advise your teams to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure an optimal working environment for everyone during these sessions.

  • Coaches and/or parents should accompany students (particularly middle schoolers) to keep them focused on their own devices and testing
  • Per Oak Valley request, limit your testing to one area. Respect other school’s space for collaboration.
  • Device building should not occur in the gym.
  • No cutting, gluing, drilling, etc. on any gym surface (i.e. floor, bleachers, etc.).  Use tables, cutting boards and drop cloths to touch up your designs.
  • Avoid pounding or dropping objects onto the gym floor.  Put a protective solid surface on the gym floor.
  • Only use painter’s blue tape on the gym floor.  Remove it all before you leave.
  • No writing or marking on any gym surface.  Use painter’s blue tape and mark the tape.
  • No disposal of glue or other chemicals in drinking fountains or bathrooms.
  • Clean up all materials before you leave. Leave the gym in as good or better condition than you found it.
  • Be aware that the gyms will be crowded as Regional Competition draws near
  • Exit the gym by 8:50 PM; Scheduled closing time is 9:00 PM.