Other Useful Information

WIFI Access at Design 39 Campus

User: Internet
Password : pusdguest

Evening Access to school

Please use front gate to access campus. If there are any issues with accessing the campus, please call evening shift  Custodian for Builing C, Liam , at 619-548-4202 or call Sheirman 858-337-0967.

The BRIDGE closes at 6:00pm.  If the gate is closed and you need to get thru the gate before 6:00pm,  you can ask the BRIDGE staff let you get thru their room into the school.


Using Projector in classroom

Both C 204, C 210 & Collaboration Area outside of C 210 have projector.  You can bring your own HDMI or VGA cable and plug it in to the connector on the wall.  There is a white control panel on the wall.  Turn on the system on touch screen.  Once the system is on including the projector, select your input to show images on your device.

Please remember to use the white control panel to turn off the system when you finish using the projector.


How does student arriving and leaving your training session?


Students are responsible to report to their event training classroom.  For BRIDGE students, they will need to check in at BRIDGE as normal right after school.  Students will need to tell BRIDGE staff they need to report to their training classroom 10 mins prior to training start time to allow ample time to arrive.


We are asking coach to walk students outside to Welcome Center together to be picked up by their parents if students do not have other training afterwards.  BRIDGE student will need to check back in at BRIDGE at Room B101 if training ends prior to 6:00pm.

Student Attendance:

Please submit attendance online after each training session using our online attendance sheet created for your event.

Training End Time:

It is possible another event training is right after your training session.  Please allow 5-10 mins to start cleaning up prior to your scheduled end time.  This will allow the next session to start on time.

Goggles and Lab Equipment:

All goggles need to be cleaned using the lens cleaning towelettes provided after each training.  Please share with students only cleaned goggles can put back in the storage box.

All goggles and lab equipment need to be cleaned.

Please allow ample time in your schedule for student to help cleaning up.

 Evacuation Map

Check the Evacuation Map for each building and get familiar the route during evacuation.


First Aid Kit

Each Makery has a small First Aid kit in the emergency backpack, and is very basic.  The school main kit is in the Wellnesss Center and is used only by Health Technician.

The AED is also in the Wellness Center, and won’t be available during the times SO is on campus.   If needed, there will always be a custodian on campus in the event of an emergency.