Coaching Requirements

If you are interested in joining our coaching team as a coach or assistant coach, please click HERE to sign up.

All Adult Coaches are considered volunteers and will need to follow the PUSD Volunteer requirements.  Please refer to PUSD Volunteer Information website for more detail.   All Adult Coaches are required to have Megan’s Law Level I and Level II clearance in order to work with Science Olympiad students.   Level II clearance allows volunteers to supervise kids without a PUSD staff present.

TB Testing: Each volunteer must have a current TB test on file with the school site office. PUSD offers TB clinics to volunteers. Volunteers need proof from their school sites they are indeed volunteers.   Please take this proof with you to the clinic.  Click HERE for the TB Clinic schedule.

If you already acquired the clearance from another PUSD school site, please submit Megan’s Law Transfer Request Form to D39C. Please indicate you are Science Olympiad coach and require Level II clearance.

If you are a new volunteer, please use Megan’s Law Level I form.  On the form, please indicate you are Science Olympaid coach and will require Level II clearance.  Someone from D39C will contact you with information how to obtain Level II clearance.

Volunteer Forms:

Coaches, Assistant Coaches are required to review and sign Code of Ethics for Coaches.


A YouTube video for what to expect.  Just ignore the comment about their website as this is from another school…