SO Code of Conduct

Below is the Code of Conduct.  Download and Sign the Form (pdf)

    1. The Science Olympiad is designed to foster both cooperation and competition. Both coaches and student team members must adhere to a strict personal code of conduct that:
      • Typifies respect for oneself and one’s own team and a respect for opposing teams. The code requires friendly and fair competitive behavior that builds a spirit of competition that is constructive, spurring individuals and teams to their best work. Congratulations should be extended on one’s own team members and the members of other teams that compete well.
      • Typifies a spirit of teamwork within one’s own team. The code requires that team members find ways to help each other and the team to be successful, even if it means that one or more individuals on the team do not get to compete, as he or she would like.
      • As a coach, provides leadership that seeks to help students maintain a friendly and fair competitive attitude and a cooperative team spirit.
    2. Both coaches’ and students’ behavior adheres to both the spirit and letter of the rules related to the regional, state, and national competitions, and the stated guidelines for each event. Any person found to be violating the letter or intent of such rules will be immediately disqualified from the competition. If a violation of this sort occurs, the team will receive a score of zero for the event where the violation occurred and for each subsequent event in which the violators participate.
    3. If a coach, or a student, through his/her coach, has any problem with the way an event is run or scored, they should communicate that problem to the proper official in a timely manner, so that it can be resolved quickly. Both coaches and students should accept the decision of the Arbitration Committee as final. When a decision is rendered, all further conflict over the situation should cease.
    4. All members of the competing teams should respect the property of the institution hosting the event. The buildings, grounds, and cafeteria facilities should be left free of damage and litter at the end of the day’s event.
    5. Attitudes, speech, and actions of judges, coaches, officials, and students should be non-discriminatory on the basis of race, sex, socio-economic status, ethnic background, religion, national origin, or handicap.
    6. Coaches and team members will recognize the achievements of both their team and other competing teams with enthusiasm at the awards ceremony. The Code requires that all recognition be positive. No name-calling or derisive comments about competing teams will be tolerated.
    7. The Regional and State Olympiad Executive Committees will make a good faith effort to run each event using the rules promulgated by the National Olympiad. When modifications or interpretations are made, every attempt will be made to inform all coaches of such modifications or interpretations.

In summary, our guiding principle is to do “what’s best for the students”, and what promotes good science. Please join us in applying that principle. Our team supports and will, to the best of our abilities, adhere to this Code of Conduct.



I pledge to put forth my best effort in the Science Olympiad tournament and to uphold the principles of honest competition. In my events, I will compete with integrity, respect and sportsmanship towards my fellow competitors. I will display courtesy towards Event Supervisors and tournament personnel. My actions will exemplify the proud spirit of my school, team and state.   On behalf of the coaches, assistants and parents that are accompanying my team, I pledge to encourage honesty and respect for tournament personnel, our fellow coaches and other team members. We want our efforts to bring honor to our community and school.