Student Registration

Registration for 2017-18 Science Olympiad starts on 8/25 and ends on 9/8.

To participate in the Design39 Campus Science Olympiad, student needs to be currently enrolled in Design39 Campus in Grades 5-8.   Please complete the following steps to register each student:

  1. Student and Parents review National Science Olympiad website  ( and decide what events(Division B) you are interested in and rank them in priority order.  Please use the Event Selection Worksheet to help you rank your event preference prior filling out the registration form online
  2. Review SO General Rules
  3. Review SO Code of Ethics
  4. Review and Sign all the forms in Hardcopy Registration Packets.
  5. Completely fill in the Online Registration Form and make sure to click “Submit” at the end.  Online registration needs to be completed by 11:59pm September 8th, 2017    
  6. Please turn in your suggested donation of $80 per student to help fund the D39C Science Olympiad Team. Make check payable to ‘The D39C Collaborative’. Memo line write ‘Science Olympiad” + Student’s Name.     Your donation is tax deductible and will help cover the cost of equipment, training materials and Team T-shirts.  There may be additional costs associated with building events. Thanks to Collaboratives for paying the Regional, State and National Science Olympiad registration fees,

Please staple the completed forms & your donation in an envelope labelled  ‘Science Olympiad’ and bring it to the D39C Welcome Center by 3:30pm September 8th.   Once your registration is complete,  you will receive a Login ID to our team website.

Training will start the week of September 18th, 2017.  Some event may have different start date.  Coach will decide the actual start date.  Schedule confirmation for each event will email to registered students.

Please help us to suggest the D39C Team Theme Name by filling our SURVEY 

*If you missed the Information Meeting on 08/25, please review our meeting slideshow.